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About Erysee

It all started with our preference for Hip-hop culture, especially Hip-hop Jewelry, thus, we founded a factory on producing various Hip-hop accessories.

For years, we only work as a manufacturer or supplier for many jewelry brands due to the lack of awareness of online marketing. We have always regretted watching the products we produce sold to consumers fond of Hip-hop accessories at much higher pricing through these middlemen.

But now, everything is changing. We’ve already created our own website, and we’re building our own brand Erysee. People who love hip-hop jewelry don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy it. Everyone can directly purchase quality products at the lowest price through Erysee.

We’ll always be committed to offering customers more abundant products, lower prices, and higher cost performance.

No matter where you are in this world, as long as you are a friend who loves hip-hop culture, you can choose accessories from Erysee to create your own hip-hop style and feel the high cost-effectiveness that Erysee gives you.

Let our customers who love hip-hop accessories Buy More Than Once ---It is the eternal purpose of Erysee.